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Vet the Vote

Veterans defended our democracy by serving in the armed forces. Many choose to continue that service at the polls.

We partnered with We the Veterans, Vet Voice Foundation, and a broad coalition of veterans organizations to support Vet the Vote, an initiative during the 2022 midterm elections to recruit veterans to be poll workers.


As the initiative noted, “Democracy runs on elections. Elections run on poll workers.” 


Elections are administered at the local level and rely on hundreds of thousands of volunteers to make sure they run smoothly. These people set up polling sites, test machines, check-in voters, and answer questions. 

Due to the pandemic - and exacerbated by ongoing interference by foreign actors seeking to undermine confidence in our elections - America is facing a poll worker shortage. 


Public Democracy America leveraged the Better Angels Network and our digital tools to support Vet the Vote recruitment efforts. 


Veterans across the country answered the call to support our democracy and more than 60,0000 signed up to serve as poll workers. 

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Do you have an idea or project you would like to incubate in the Public Democracy America Lab? 

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