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Data Trusts

Communities need a voice in the use of their data, and deserve an equitable share in its value.

Data today is hoarded by monopolies and built and analyzed to sell ads and products.  When people are commoditized, those who have less net worth are valued less.  And as the system continues to fail them, these communities trust it and those who run it less. 

As solutions and needs of undervalued communities continue to be overlooked, the untapped value of the data they are creating continues to grow. Economic inequality and injustice are market inefficiencies.  But most efforts to correct these imbalances have failed by focusing on individual choice and individual value-share when data needs to be aggregated to have worth.


We are developing a Data co-op model to steward our own Values Data™ and nonprofit partners’ data, and to transform disparate data sources into Community Insights & Indices; this community intelligence better informs outcomes-driven decisions by policymakers, corporate ESG and impact investors.


Do you have an idea or project you would like to incubate in the Public Democracy America Lab? 

Reach out to us! We are always looking for mission aligned partners.

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