About Us

Our mission is to align what is right with what works. 

We design every project with our purpose in mind— to deliver impactful outcomes and sustainable solutions that push us closer towards more equitable and just systems and policies.


Be Intentional and Inclusive in Design and Execution

For us, Data For Good starts with inclusive data. Our insights and outcomes are informed by a more representative sample of the real world; delivering deeper analysis and helping restore market value and social influence to those traditionally undervalued, undercounted and therefore underserved by the data systems that inform outreach and policy. 


Start With the Fundamental Premise that Everyone Offers Value

We use an empathy-based approach, meaning we emphasize the importance of the context, values and intentions and recognize that each person’s needs are constantly evolving. The resulting iterative process both ensures our insights are in tune with constantly shifting interests and allows us to pivot in real time to optimize resources and budget to meet our audiences’ needs. 


Fulfill Our Need to Always Learn More

Finding questions can be harder than finding answers, but that is how we approach our work.  We always start with who is being left out and then we ask how and why does the system and the data that drives that system miss them? Our team’s diverse backgrounds and experiences enable us to ask the right questions and deliver actionable insights.


Empower and Engage Equitable Communities 

Our work empowers communities by sharing data insights with like minded organizations, leveraging our networks and resources to amplify our outcomes and common goals. By building something beyond ourselves with each project, we create scalable and sustainable solutions. 


Attack Barriers to Progress and Inclusion 

By zeroing into the holes in the data and how these holes manifest themselves in policies and narratives, we identify insights overlooked using traditional methods. With our policy and systems expertise, we are able to transform these insights into actionable plans for change.