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Better Angels Program

The Better Angels Network is a diverse network of community partners working towards the common good by amplifying better narratives that meet the needs of our audiences. 

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The Better Angels Program is a network of 501c3s, with a wide array of missions, that together create a narrative and community lattice that allows us to amplify voices of those working for the common good. 


Most eligible 501c3s do not take advantage of the Google Ad Grants program, and those that do often lack the expertise to use it effectively.  The program equips nonprofits with best-in-class technical expertise in Google Ads to promote their better resources and narratives into the digital space.  By helping each nonprofit, we also create economies of scale in knowledge and data sharing between these communities that create new insights and potential for campaign collaboration to significantly improve impacts. 


The Google Ad Grant program was created by Google to fill holes in its referral data, which were not being addressed by traditional marketers. By uplifting these better angels, we inevitably shift algorithmic referral and human engagement towards showing and consuming more positive, hopeful content; and we empower organizations with better tools to pursue the common good. 

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Stories of Impact


Learn how our coalition of partners helped build trust around COVID vaccines. 

Veterans Work 

Learn how we help veterans in the moments when they need it most. 

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We work with nonprofits that:

  • Are mission driven and are working to make a larger contribution to civic society

  • Support diversity and equity their work and within the communities they serve

  • Advocate for better outcomes through policy and marketplace change

  • Believe that data should drive those outcomes and are willing to collaborate to create more inclusive and complete data for other mission aligned partners

  • Work in one of our key issue areas:  Health Equity, Economic Resilience, and Civic Justice


We’d love learn more about your work and see if you are a fit for our network! 

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