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The Better Angels Network is one of the first initiatives to come out of the Public Democracy America Lab. We have created a network of 60+ nonprofits (and growing) working in the areas of racial and economic justice, election integrity, health equity, environmental stewardship, veterans support, and diversity in data and AI. 

Through our Better Angels program, we:


Leverage the power of Google Grants to help audiences get better answers and resources to meet their needs


Deliver insights and community analysis to partners so that they can provide better solutions, and


Empower organizations to move more quickly from ideas to implementation by streamlining the processes they need to get up and running.


Be a mission-aligned 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, serving a need in your community.


Be looking for ways to better engage and understand your community.  


Partner with Public Democracy America to obtain your Google Ads Grant. Short on staff? Don't worry! We experts and will manage the grant application process for you. 


Use your $10,000 a month in advertising to connect with your community and learn more about their needs and interests!


Thanks for submitting!

Join Us-Better Angels
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