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Better Angels Program

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The Better Angels Network is a national network of values-driven nonprofits collaborating to improve online and mobile spaces for undervalued communities and in support of the common good. 

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The Better Angels Network is one of the first initiatives to come out of the Public Democracy America Lab.


No one group can combat bias in data or build more equitable systems on their own. That's why we have created a network of nonprofits designed to help those doing good work do it better.


Through our Better Angels program, we


1) Leverage the power of Google Grants to help people get the information and resources they need

2) Deliver insights and community analysis to help partners better understand their audiences, and

3) Empower organizations to move more quickly from ideas to implementation by streamlining the processes they need to get up and running. 

Stories of Impact


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Learn how our coalition of partners helped build trust around COVID vaccines. 

Veterans Work 

Veteran in wheelchair shaking hands

Learn how we help veterans in the moments when they need it most. 

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We work with nonprofits that:

  • Are mission driven and are working to make a larger contribution to civic society

  • Support diversity and equity their work and within the communities they serve

  • Advocate for better outcomes through policy and marketplace change

  • Believe that data should drive those outcomes and are willing to collaborate to create more inclusive and complete data for other mission aligned partners

  • Work in one of our key issue areas:  Health Equity, Economic Resilience, and Civic Justice


We’d love learn more about your work and see if you are a fit for our network! 

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