United for Equity 

Working to build a community that fights for economic justice and equity in every community and at every level

Racial injustice and inequality are morally wrong and economically inefficient, but the racial wealth gap is still widening. In 2019, the median wealth for white family was $188,200 whereas median for a Black family was $24,100.

Wealth concentration has created a cycle of devaluation for less wealthy Americans, meaning markets have failed to build meaningful data around their needs to help systems effectively invest in Black communities and eliminate the racial wealth gap. 

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The United for Equity campaign combats this problem in order to foster economic equity in the United States through a 5-step approach.  

5-Point Approach to Building Economic Equity in America

Building Wealth For All 

Smart phone showing people looking at a phone and One United Bank

Empowering Black Americans through tools, access, and agency

Wads of hundred dollar bills

Expanding lending and investments to Black homeowners and businesses

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Creating united campaign and narrative across sectors 

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Securing buy-in and commitment from the economically powerful

Illustration of person struggling to carry sack with dollar sign

Providing medical debt relief for struggling families

By creating a unified campaign with diverse stakeholders, United for Equity meet Black Americans wherever they are in their financial journey and uplift them to the next level. 

Campaign Goals

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