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Identifying behavior patterns that indicate a path toward addiction in order to provide targeted interventions

Public Democracy America has been able to use behavioral modeling and digital marketing tools, combined with offline data and gifted proprietary Values Data, to develop deeper insights into drug misuse trends and behavior patterns.

We were granted a sole-source contract from the White House ONDCP (Drug Control Office) to identify the behavior patterns that indicate someone is on the path toward addiction, struggling with addiction, or at high risk of overdose. We also identified Adderall use as a precursor risk for addiction. 


More importantly, we were able to find the moments when people at each stage of SUD are open to engagement and looking for resources, and we do so within a system that allows us to meet those needs in that moment.

As a result of this work, we were able to show a Baltimore/DC drug task force how central pay cycles are in cycles of overdose and interest in treatment, reshaping law enforcement intervention and public health strategies. 


Because our models are based on behavioral patterns rather than personal information, we can achieve all this in an anonymous data environment, freed from PII and privacy concerns.

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Do you have an idea or project you would like to incubate in the Public Democracy America Lab? 

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