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The PD Outcomes Lab seeks opportunities…

To curate ideas into impact initiatives that are designed to find solutions and then turn those solutions into outcomes that: 

  1. engage and include communities often left out, 

  2. create better and more diverse sets of data to guide resource and policy development and deployment, and 

  3. provide important and accurate information to inform a more inclusive and trustworthy narrative for more diverse audiences.

Our approach is simple. 


Everyone offers value. 

We look for it. 

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Systemic and implicit biases have created incomplete data that erects barriers and disenfranchises communities by undervaluing the people who live in them.

We start by identifying what is missing in the data, the barriers it has caused, and how we can create a more inclusive, just system.  


We collaborate to scale it. 

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Our Partners strengthen our work and make impact at scale possible.

Every strategic investment we make in a partner or prototype we test is designed to overcome systemic resistance to change through collaboration and a scientific approach to community organizing.

Public Democracy America

Partner Organizations

Better Angels Program