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Biased data creates biased systems. 

Through our lab, Public Democracy America partners with mission-aligned organizations to address digital redlines and create real world impacts. We prototype solutions by listening to our audiences who have been undervalued and underrepresented and learning about their needs. We then design and scale solutions with partners who are positioned to deliver the programs and resources to create more equitable outcomes.


Better Angels Program

No one can build more equitable systems on their own. That's why we have created a network of nonprofits designed to help those doing good work do it better.

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United for Equity

Inequality is morally wrong and economically inefficient. By strategically investing in equity, we can uplift entire communities.

Building Better AI

Like all tools, Artificial Intelligence can be used to build or harm.  We have partnered with Forward Edge-AI to create AI solutions that reflect the world we want to live in.

Faithful Media

A repository of hope promoting uplifting messages of love of neighbor and compassion through music and media. 

Data Trusts

Communities need a voice in the use of their data, and deserve an equitable share in its value.


Building carbon negative houses through eco-friendly concrete

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Vet the Vote

Veterans defended our democracy by serving in the armed forces. Many choose to continue that service at the polls.


With COVID-19 exacerbating America’s racial health disparities, underrepresented communities must be included in public health conversations and clinical research. 




Identifying behavior patterns that indicate a path toward addiction in order to provide targeted interventions.

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Opportunity Zones

Understanding the goals, values, and behaviors of the residents in OZ communities. 

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