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SCOTUS Nominee - Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson - Praises God, Country, Family

Judge Jackson embodies best of our nation’s values, faith, patriotism, and love of family.

[Supreme Court Nomination Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson Introduces Herself]

In her first public appearance as a Supreme Court nominee, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson introduced herself to the nation by praising God, her country, and her family.

"I must begin these very brief remarks by thanking God for delivering me to this point in my professional journey. My life has been blessed beyond measure, and I do know that one can only come this far by faith,” Judge Jackson said at the White House.

After thanking God, and, as an example of one of the blessings she has received, Jackson went on to express her deep gratitude for her country and her family.

“Among my many blessings – and indeed, the very first – is the fact that I was born in this great country. The United States of America is the greatest beacon of hope and democracy the world has ever known. I was also blessed from my early days to have had a supportive and loving family. My mother and father, who have been married for 54 years, are at their home in Florida right now, and I know that they could not be more proud,” Jackson said.

Jackson’s family is deeply steeped in public service. Both her parents were public high school teachers before her father switched to a career in law and her mother became a high school principal. Her uncles served in law enforcement, including one who became police chief in Miami. Both Jackson and her younger brother have followed their parents’ example. In her brief remarks, Jackson noted that her brother served on the police force in the inner city of Baltimore before enlisting in the Army and serving two tours in the Middle East.

I am standing here today by the grace of God as testament to the love and support that I’ve received from my family,” Jackson remarked.

President Biden announced Jackson as his nominee to replace Justice Stephen Breyer, who will retire at the conclusion of the Court’s 2022 term. Jackson is no stranger to the highest court, having worked as Breyer’s clerk before serving as Vice Chair of the U.S. Sentencing Commission, on the D.C. District Court, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. Prior to taking the bench, she served as a public defender and trial judge.

In his introduction of Judge Jackson, President Biden noted not only that she is “extremely qualified with a brilliant legal mind,” but also is someone of “utmost character and integrity,” which he cited as being “equally important.”

In praising her family, the President said Jackson’s parents, “grew up with segregation but never gave up hope that their children would enjoy the true promise of America.”

The Fraternal Order of Police also released a statement on Jackson in which they said, “There is little doubt that she has the temperament, intellect, legal experience, and family background to have earned this appointment.” Also citing Jackson’s family’s legacy of law enforcement, the FOP noted, “she should know quite well the difficulties and dangers our officers face in the line of duty every single day” and that in their experience with Judge Jackson they expect she will “approach her future cases with an open mind and treat issues related to law enforcement fairly and justly.”

In accepting the nomination, Judge Jackson expressed how deeply humbled she was by the opportunity. Citing mentors and role models who have inspired her, Jackson concluded by saying, “If I am fortunate enough to be confirmed as the next Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, I can only hope that my life and career, my love of country and the Constitution, and my commitment to upholding the rule of law and the sacred principles upon which this great nation was founded will inspire future generations of Americans.”

You can find more about Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's qualification here



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