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Podcast Feature: Red, Wine and Blue

The founders of Red, Wine and Blue are working to change the narrative that “nice girls don’t talk about politics.” Through their new podcast, “The Suburban Women Problem”, hosts Jasmine Clark, Rachel Vindman, and Amanda Weinstein tackle current events and issues that concern them as mothers. In their most recent episode, founder Katie Paris steps in for Jasmine Clark as the women dive deep into how Christian values relate to politics.

Host Amanda Weinstein sums up her perspective on the connection between faith and politics, stating, “if our faith community is not espousing love, then we’re not getting it right.”

Host Katie Paris echoed the sentiment. She explained that she “was raised to believe… that [she] could not seek justice hard enough.” Her parents committed themselves to service and helping others, embodying Jesus in a way she expressed has been forgotten in the present.

Want to hear more? Don’t miss the next episode of Red, Wine, and Blue as these women discuss politics from the suburban women’s view.



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