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Ending drive-through-voting or preventing another statewide blackout. Which is the emergency?

In February, Winter Storm Uri plunged most of Texas into subfreezing temperatures and overwhelmed the state's electricity infrastructure. Texas' power grids quickly failed, creating massive blackouts and leaving 4.5 million Texas homes and businesses without power for weeks, taking 210 lives and costing Texas taxpayers $195 Billion. Millions of Texans demanded accountability and change.

After four months, Gov. Abbot and the legislature has done little to address the failing power grid. And as summer temperatures rise, Texans are being warned by state officials of another potential blackout.

But rather than calling an emergency session to address the power crisis, Gov. Abbot instead called legislators back to special session to vote on SB1 and SB3, the new Republican election bills.

Texans are being warned if they don’t stop using AC now during 100 degree days, the grid could go down again...and Texas’ legislature is being called back to an emergency session to prevent drive through voting in 2022.

Drive through voting required a photo ID was used by 1-in-10 Texas voters (especially the elderly and parents with kids). But whatever you think about drive through voting, the next election isn’t for 18 months.

Why aren’t Gov. Abbot and Republican legislators using the emergency session to fix the power grid failures?



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