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Stop Land Grabs

As part of an Oxfam campaign to get Coke and Pepsi to address land rights issues in their sugar supply chains, we launched Facebook ads through our grassroots climate org, the Good Steward Campaign (GSC).  Ads were launched in conjunction with an email campaign to gather petition signatures targeted at the two companies.  People were asked to "like" a custom created landing page to indicate they were signing our petition.  Ads were targeted by using emails from a similar previous campaign, matching those emails to Facebook users and then creating "look alike" lists of other facebook users with similar characteristics as our email pledgers to target our ads.  Our ads got a 0.13% click through rate, double the industry standard of 0.05% and yielded 4335 pledges. The landing page directed people to more resources and encouraged them to send pre-loaded tweets to our target companies.  The campaign was a huge success, with both Coke and Pepsi agreeing to make substantial changes in their corporate policies.