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As mother, wife and industrialist in Yei State River, South Sudan, Florence supports nine members of her family with skills she attained three years ago post conflict. Having recently acquired skills as a seamstress, Florence’s enterprise acumen was developed at the Business Training Center wing of Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Yei. Florence credits her success to the training and plans to expand her craft beyond clothing and add bedding to her repertoire as well.

While the economy in the world’s youngest nation is stagnant as a result of decades of conflict, the Revitalized Agreement to Resolve the Conflict in South Sudan signed in September 2018 has provided a belief of sustained hope – so much so that Florence’s business has grown in clientele. Citizens are slowly returning to their homes and villages as is their self-determined will led by faith in their grassroots peace efforts.

How a native of Yei found success in rural South Sudan

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