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Houston Election Workers Put in Work to Keep Elections Secure

  • Learn how one Houston election judge protects voting

Years ago, Poppy Northcutt won the presidential medal of freedom for her role in saving the Apollo 13 astronauts. Now Northcutt is an election judge, protecting Texans’ votes.

Poppy Northcutt has worked elections in Harris County, Texas for 10 years, working on the ground to keep elections secure.

Two people working the polls

From her days at the space program, Northcutt knows the importance of following checklists and having zero errors. Whenever there’s confusion about setting up the voting machines, Northcutt calls Election Central to get instructions on how to protect the votes.

A Threat to Election Integrity

One thing Northcutt worries about is having to keep track of swarms of partisan poll watchers who are allowed to come into voting places under a new law. She says it will be harder for her to run the election site and help voters if she has to keep an eye on poll watchers who may try to disrupt voting.

Not only that, but poll watchers and others have increasingly made threats against poll workers. If honorable election judges like Northcutt continue to receive threats, more and more will step down. Texas can’t afford to have people with experience working elections sit on the sidelines.