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Our Projects 

Economic Equity

Because inequity is morally wrong and economically inefficient. 

Person using banking app on smart phone

Empowering through AI

Empowering communities to use AI to protect themselves and others

Person drawing on board with Ai written on it

Vaccine Trust

How we leveraged our partnerships to help build vaccine trust in underserved communities.

Person paying at a health center

Census Equity

How digital engagement helped ensure a fair count in the 2020 Census.


Opportunity Zones

Our data zeroes in on community needs to inform smarter investments and promote economic resiliency.


Supporting Veterans

Helping veterans find help when they need it most. 


Better Angels Program

Our partnership of Better Angels amplifies better information in the fight against misinformation.

Person with arm on another person sitting down

Medical Debt

Medical debt is a crisis. We're working to help lower it for Americans by educating them on their options.

Calculator, pen, and stethoscope on top of billing statement