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We asked, you answered — and the rich and powerful are listening! 

Thanks to the millions of Opportunity Zones residents like you who answered our community value surveys or took the time to learn about the OZ program, you are helping shape important decisions and how money flows into your neighborhoods.

From Alabama to Cleveland to California, local governments and investors are shifting Opportunity Zone plans as communities articulate their needs — and now, the federal government is joining in, asking for input on whether to require investors to show positive community impact to get their tax credit.

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The government is asking for public comments about Opportunity Zones. Banks and investors will speak up, but you and your neighbors can have a much larger impact.

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As a resident impacted by the Opportunity Zone Program, I want to express my support for Rules being considered by the Department of Commerce that better align economic incentives for development with community priorities. I support changes that strengthen requirements for tracking impact and increase resources for local leaders and funds to ensure investment goes toward the businesses my community needs most. As this program develops, I ask the Department to continue to listen to residents and local entrepreneurs in communities like mine to ensure we have the best opportunity to thrive.

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