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Nuclear Security


In 2010, the Senate took up the New START nuclear arms treaty, successor to Ronald Reagan’s historic START treaty. The treaty had the unanimous backing of the Pentagon, the joint chiefs, and Secretaries of Defense and State from every administration going back to Nixon. Despite this support, opposition from a few key GOP Senators and the Heritage Foundation lead many pundits to believe New START was all but dead in the lame duck session of Congress after the Democratic “shellacking” in the mid-term elections.  In the face of this opposition, we launched a six figure, multi-media campaign centering on a remake of the famous Johnson “Daisy Ad.”  The ad was originally aired on cable news in TN and AZ in order to target key Senators in those states.  The initial response and coverage of the ad was so strong that we received additional funding to air the ad in primetime during the hit show (at the time) The Event and during network news slots.  Additionally, the ad was distributed through our email program to 12 million faith activists.  Earned media stories included a feature  the Today Show and NPR, and in stories in Politico, New York Times, Wired Magazine, CQ Today and the Huffington Post.  The ad also made the top 5 Yahoo political images of the week, was named one of Ben Smith of Politico’s top videos of the year, and won a Pollie for Best Television Ad of 2010.