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Nevada Green Pastors

Two emails were sent to the Nevada database of mostly conservative, evangelical and Roman Catholic values voters, comprising a total of 793,000 people. Of those two emails, 66,370 people opened at least one of the emails and 23,252 people opened both emails. The goal was to quickly develop some base data for paid program and build some name recognition and very base understanding of issue. A total of 5,759 people signed the petition and 4,287 people also clicked to listen to the radio ad online. During the period of the second email send, we ran 60-second Christian radio ads on 8 stations throughout the state. We followed all of this up with a digital click to call ads, with 1,821,916 ad impressions resulting in 2,037 confirmed calls to Senator Heller’s office. The average time for the completed calls was 1:39. This was all coordinated with an op-ed by Bishop Edwards that was promoted through a final email. Sen. Heller’s office responded to the oped and calls by reaching out directly to Bishop Edwards stating that the Senator would not support reducing Gold Butte.