Wendy Rittenhouse Accuses Lin Wood of Keeping Her Son, Kyle, in Jail

"I want my son home." Wendy Rittenhouse claims Lin Wood, Kyle Rittenhouse's former attorney, Kept her son in jail to raise money.  

Kyle Rittenhouse was arrested and charged with two counts of murder connected to the shootings at a Black Lives Matter protest in August 2020; his bail was set at $2 million. Since then, he has become a household name. His story was thrust into the polarized debate between liberal progressives who see him as a criminal and conservatives who hail him a hero. 

This national spotlight helped his former lawyers, Lin Wood and John Pierce, raise money through their #fightback Fund to pay Kyle's $2 million bail. However, in a recent interview with Law and Crime's Objections podcast, Wendy Rittenhouse, Kyle's mother, claimed that Wood kept her son in jail longer than needed to raise money and benefit personally. 

Speaking to the Objections podcast, Wendy said that when she pleaded with Wood to get her son out of jail, Wood claimed, "the longer he can stay there, the better" out of fears of "Armageddon" coming after the election.

"To me, that felt like they didn't care about my son's wellbeing"

-Wendy Rittenhouse
Dave Hancock, the former executive director of #FightBack, confirmed Wendy's story while speaking with the Objections podcast. "Lin kept Kyle in jail," Hancock said, pointing to the same story as Wendy. For both Wendy and Dave, it seemed that Lin Wood was using her son as a political pawn to further Wood's personal political goals by stoking conservative anger.  
Wood later denied the claim he kept Kyle in jail while speaking with Newsweek. He commented, "the criminal defense lawyers made all decisions regarding Kyle," although he also confirmed his safety concerns for Kyle.